Location Operator
New York CityFull-time - Hourly35-36k
We are a small company, with a lot of needs, this is why this job offers a great opportunity for someone with retail experience wanting to branch out into technology. The candidate will be in charge of handling the customers at our New York location. It will be expected to: - Check-in customers, - Explain our system and the experiences, - guide the customers through the experiences, - check-out customer, - handle any hardware or software problems, - maintain the retail facilities in clean, working conditions.
  • Experience in retail handling clients, payments and customer satisfaction
  • The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of technology and gaming along with people skills and retail experience
  • The candidate must be able to juggle multiple roles in a dynamic startup environment
  • Most importantly, eager to learn, adaptable, and have a strong interest in the gaming and entertainment industry
  • Hosting customers, you'll drive customer engagement and loyalty while sparking excitement
  • Be friendly, eager and passionate about our products to transmit to our customers our love for VR as the next frontier
  • Be tech savy in order to manage our array of technology in order to troubleshoot the potential issues arrising during customer sessions
  • Drive in customers and push for retentions in order to get customers to return
  • Confident presenter and storyteller who can effectively convey our experiences and story to our customers
  • Constantly learns about social trends, able to identify untapped opportunities for brands within social and digital platforms, and eager to share knowledge to the rest of the company