Room K


We can host up to 6 people.

$57.44 per person per hour, including tax and fees.

All parties are private, we do not mix groups.

  • Flat shoes suitable for walking
  • Appropriate clothing for physical activities including crouching
  • If you wear glasses make sure not to wear oversized ones, regular glasses are fine
  • We have an extremely low motion sickness rate, only 1 in 2500 so far. However if you If you are very easily prone to motion sickness we would point to look into counteracting medication to optimize your experience

Please arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before your reserved slot. We reserve the right to shorten the experience in the event the group arrives late in order to provide the best possible experience to all our customers.

The experience is up to 40min of game time, we reserve the right shorten your experience depending on your arrival time in order to keep all customers satisfied.

We advise against children younger than 8 year old, however if you really desire younger children to participate we will require to have an adult play with them. Why we advise against younger children has multiple reasons. The height of certain objects can be unreachable, the difficulty/coordination required can make the experience challenging or confusing.

We are located on the 2nd floor of an elevator building.

We have an extremely low motion sickness rate, only 1 in 2500 so far. We try our best to eliviate this side effect and will be happy to accomodate in the event this occurs to you.

It can be, however we will be happy to accomodate, please use our contact form and we will run you through our process.